Directions to the office

A:How do I get to your office? Are you far from the town centre?
B:Not far.
A: Could you send me some directions?
B:I’ll send you a map.
A:Is it easy to find?
B:Very easy, but call me if you have any problems.





Arranging to meet a visitor (1)

A: How are you planning to come tomorrow? Are you going to drive?
B:No, I’ll probably come by train.
A: That’s a good idea. The station is only five minutes from the office. Let me know what time your train arrives and I’ll meet you.
B:Oh, thanks. I look forward to seeing you.





Arranging to meet a visitor (2)

A:  What time does your flight arrive?
B:Five o’clock if it’s on time. The flights are often delayed in the winter.
A: Well, good luck! I’ll wait for you in Arrivals. Call me when you’re in the Baggage Hall.
B:OK. See you later.





Arranging to meet a visitor (3)

A: Can I pick you up from the hotel? I could join you for breakfast or I could meet you in the lobby.
B:That’s very kind of you but don’t worry, I can make my own way. I’ll either walk or take a taxi. If I get lost, I’ll phone you!




Security and reception

A:  Do I need a security pass to get in?

B: Yes, you’ll need one to get into the building. Ask for me when you arrive at the security gate and then leave your car in the visitor’s car park. I’ll meet you at the reception desk.

Later …

A: I’m here to see Mr Stewart.

C:  Could you sign in, please?



Finding the office

"To get to the accounts department, take the lift to the fifth floor.

Turn left out of the lift and you’ll see the door.

Ring the buzzer and someone will let you in.

The marketing department is on the next floor up, by the way."