Monitoring of Meetings

For: Groups of colleagues who wish to develop their communication skills, specifically in the context of the meetings which they attend: face-to-face meetings and/or webconferences. These sessions are particularly beneficial to those who work in multi-national teams.


We plan the content of the course together with the members of the group. Specific topics are discussed and the trainer provides feedback on how communication can be improved. The participants set the agenda.

Available group sizes:                                   Available venues:

- Groups of 2-6 persons                                   -  Our Bristol base in the UK

- Groups of 6-12 persons                                 -  Your premises

                                                                         -  Your chosen venue (Europe)

Available course types:                                Entry level:

-  your chosen duration                                    - B2-C2 (Council of Europe)

Notes: This type of training builds confidence as well as fluency, appropriacy and listening skills. For more detials, contact us with your query.