About Us

Business and Medical English Services (BMES) was founded by Ian Badger in 1985 to develop English language skills in the paper and engineering industries and for the medical professions. Since that time, BMES has worked continuously with major international companies to develop the communication skills needed in a changing and challenging global business environment. We specialise in delivering courses and workshops on improving multicultural communication skills in English.  Current and former clients include:

  • UPM (Finland, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, Russia)


  • Metso/Valmet (Finland, Sweden)
  • Vattenfall
  • Siemens
  • Technology Academy Finland
  • University of Bristol

We have substantial experience in delivering targeted training for personnel in Logistics and Supply Chain functions (from Planning to Customer Service), Sales, Finance, Sourcing, IT, HR, Manufacturing and those working on global projects. In the medical field, BMES has been involved in major projects in the UK, Hungary and Kazakhstan.