Business Writing

Personnel who need to develop their writtem business English skills for everyday contacts with native and non-native speakers, colleagues and customers. The course covers various methods of communication - from webconferencing and messaging to emailing,

Possible content:

  • The basics of written communication
  • Making arrangements 
  • Meetings
  • Enquiries 
  • Orders, dealing with problems 
  • Short reports 
  • Personal messages 

Available group sizes:                                   Available venues:

- One-to-one                                                     -  Our Bristol base in the UK

- Groups of 2-6 persons                                   -  Your premises

- Groups of 6-12 persons                                 -  Your chosen venue (Europe)

Available course types:                                Entry level:

- 2-5 days intensive course                              - A2-C2 (Council of Europe)

- Full day course intensive course

Notes: Please specify your chosen course type, venue and group size when submitting your enquiry. Course content is always adapted to suit your requirements.

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