English for Business Life is a four-level course designed for people who need English for their everyday work. Each level of the course consists of:
  • a course book with a detachable answer booklet
  • one or two CDs (depending on level) containing course book listening exercises
  • a self-study guide packaged with an accompanying audio CD/CDS
  • a trainer's manual

Learners can follow fast, standard and comprehensive tracks through the material - 40-90 hours of work.

  • fast track - 40 hours
  • standard track - 60 hours
  • comprehensive track - 90 hours

Summary of components:

Course Book
The course book consists of 36 units (Elementary/Pre-intermediate) orĀ 30 units (Intermediate/Upper Intermediate), a glossary of business realted terms, a grammar/language index, a word list, transcripts of all listening activities and answers in a detachable booklet. An audio CD/audio cds are available as a separate component.

Self-study guide
The Self-study guideĀ  consists of material that can be used in support of the course book or as a self standing resource. The number of units in the Self-study guide replicates the number of units in the corresponding course cook. It also contains an audio CD containing recordings of core language/ pronunciation points, consolidation exercises, a grammar reference section and a glossary of business -related terms.

Trainer's manual
The trainer's manual consists of notes on exercises and ideas for consolidation/extension work, a glossary, notes on business practice, transcripts, progress tests and answers for coursebook exercises.